GeminiJets Announces 18 New Models for April

GeminiJets has just announced 18 new model airplanes in 1:200 scale and 1:400 scale and we have them all here for you.  This batch features more non-US airlines than any we have seen.  11 of the 18 models are non-US and of the US airlines, only two (well three technically) are based in the continental US – Delta, FedEx and Alaska (based in Seattle).  There are four new Hawaiian Airlines models and three new ones from Air Canada, two of which feature their new darker 2017 color scheme as well as a Royal Canada Air Force C-17.  Out of the Middle East there is a Saudi Arabian Airlines 747SP and an Iran Air Airbus 330 and from South East Asia and Down Under we feature models from Cebu Pacific, Vietnam, and Qantas.  Rounding out the collection from Mexico we have Aeromar and from the UK, everyone’s favorite, Virgin Atlantic. You can view all the models here or keep reading for more details about each…

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Does Some Crazy Stunt Flying

The fasten seatbelt sign is definitely on.  Last year in preparation for the 2015 Paris Air Show, Boeing took a Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and made it do things you don’t often see an airliner do.  This year, getting ready for the 2016 Farnborough Airshow they did the same with an ANA 787-9.  Here’s the video…

Some of the tricks are the same, like the extremely steep, seemingly near vertical takeoff, but they’re still cool to watch.  The next time you have a rough flight just be glad it’s not like this!

These flights are conducted by some of the best test pilots in the world.  They fly the plane virtually empty – no passengers or cargo – and that lack of weight allows the plane to do some crazy stunts, like safely bank at 75 degrees without stalling.

Chances are you can’t fly a 787 like a fighter jet, but the next best thing is playing with a 787 model airplane and making it do whatever stunts you want (or just letting it rest in display mode).  There are tons of Boeing 787 models available from a variety of airlines like Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, United Airlines and even the Boeing House Colors if you’re not partial to any particular airline.

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JetBlue Paints ‘I Love NY’ on Airbus 320 Airplane

The iconic I ❤️ NY logo has come together with the equally recognizable JetBlue logo to show New Yorkers and the world that JetBlue is New York’s hometown airline.

JetBlue I Love New York model airplane
JetBlue I Love New York model airplane

The logo, created by Milton Glaser, Inc was a project to integrate their original I ❤️ NY logo with the JetBlue logo in a way that looked natural.  The logos form an X and the only tweak to the original design was to ensure JetBlue was on the upward axis – the only appropriate direction for a fast rising airline.

In addition to the logo, JetBlue painted one of their Airbus 320 aircraft in a special livery – all white with the new logo on the tail and engines.  Recently Gemini Jets announced a 1:400 scale die-cast metal model featuring this unique paint scheme.  The model is a highly detailed and accurate representation of this unique aircraft and is sure to be a collector’s item as it is only produced in limited quantity.

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VietJet Model Celebrates 9000th Airbus Aircraft

In March 2015 Airbus delivered its 9000th aircraft – A 321 model for VietJet, the low-cost Vietnamese carrier.  This week, GeminiJets announced the forthcoming release of a 1:400 scale model of this historic aircraft.

VietJet celebrates the delivery of it’s first Airbus 321 and the delivery of the 9000th Airbus aircraft.

VietJet, which started operations on December 25, 2011, currently operates an all Airbus fleet including nearly 30 Airbus 320s and 5 Airbus 321 models.  That fleet is small in comparison to their future growth plans which include over 280 total aircraft.

Airbus, which less than two years prior delivered its 8000th aircraft, is quickly on the path to reaching the 10000 aircraft milestone, possibly near the end of 2016.  Airbus delivered its first A300 model in 1974 and has been on a steady rise since then.  They are currently on a pace of delivering over 600 aircraft per year.

GeminiJets, the leader in die-cast metal scale models, just announced the pre-order availability of the 1:400 scale VietJet Airbus 321 with special 9000th Airbus Aircraft logos.  This unique model perfectly celebrates the achievement by Airbus and recognizes the rising star that is VietJet.  This model is available for pre-order now and is expected to start delivering around the middle of August 2016.

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Iron Maiden Boeing 747 Ed Force One

The airplane world is colliding with the heavy metal music world as the popularity of Iron Maiden’s new Boeing 747 is getting people excited in both circles. Dubbed Ed Force One, the name of the plane was selected from over 6000 entries in an online contest.  Iron Maiden’s original airplane was a Boeing 757 from Astraeus Airlines – the airline that Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson was a pilot with for many years. For their new Book of Souls World Tour 2016, they are using a former Air France Boeing 747-400, leased to them by Air Atlanta.

Iron Maiden Boeing 747-400 Ed Force One
Iron Maiden Boeing 747-400 Ed Force One By Foto-dus – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Airplane model enthusiasts are getting excited about this unique aircraft as it becomes available from various different manufacturers, and Iron Maiden fans are excited to see their favorite front-man fly such a cool airplane. Continue reading Iron Maiden Boeing 747 Ed Force One

Best Selling Model Airplanes of All Time

As has recently passed our 15 year anniversary we thought a Top list would be fun – the Top 15 Best Selling Model Airplanes of All Time! Many of these models are sold out, so it will be fun just to remember the classic models of the past.  Four of our top 15 are still available to purchase and add to your collection (if you don’t already have them!)

JetBlue Airbus 320
Where will this JetBlue Airbus 320 rank on the list? Read to find out.

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What are Gemini Jets Models?

One of the most popular manufacturers in the die-cast airplane model world is Gemini Jets.  They are known for their 1:400 scale models, but they also produce highly detailed 1:200 and 1:72 models.  The primary product line features 1:400 and 1:200 scale models of commercial airlines, however they also offer military 1:72 scale models.

GeminiJets 1:400 Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400
GeminiJets 1:400 Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400

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Building an Airport Terminal for the Airbus 380 Model

By: Brad M.

The exciting new super-jumbo Airbus 380 is set to fly in 2006. We will, in the not too distant future, enjoy watching this behemoth at major airport facilities around the world. This aspect of my hobby has been graciously recognized with articles in WingsWorld 4/98 issue and 1/2002 issue. The logical next project for me is the creation of an A380 terminal.

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